Zephyr Drone Services

Located outside of Manchester and at the edge of the Peak District.

Zephyr Drone Services utilise drones to shoot affordable, high quality Aerial Video and Photography for private and commercial customers.


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Property Construction

With regular visits to a development site, drones are used to capture high-quality aerial imagery to chart the progress of the building project at each stage from site clearance through to completion.​

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Property Inspection

Once on site, a drone can be launched within minutes. Drones are non-invasive and given their size and agility can quickly and easily access those difficult hard to reach areas of any roof or structure to capture all the necessary high-quality images for post-analysis.

No scaffolding, cherry pickers or high-rise platforms are required, so equipment and labour costs can be significantly reduced as well as health and safety issues. 

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Property Marketing

First impressions last, so why not make your home stand out from the rest.  Drone photography is by far the most cost-effective way to capture stunning aerial photographs and video footage for you to showcase your property and its grounds from totally a different viewpoint.

Through our partner company ORB360 they can create a 3D walk-through virtual viewing tour to showcase the inside of your home and increase viewings.

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Other services


Golf course

Showcase and promote your golf club with high quality aerial imagery to create a view from above.  

Using the drone we can capture aerial stills and video footage of the course, the club house, as well as a video 'flyover' of each hole from tee to green.

Combining the aerial images to any existing ground photographs on your website will allow prospective new members to get a comprehensive overview of your club. 


We can work with your wedding photographer on the day, or independently, to obtain a range of stunning aerial imagery of the happy couple, your family and guests and the venue, to add as a unique keepsake of your special day.

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We have highlighted on here just a few areas where drones can be used.  The list of uses is many and ranges across a variety of sectors.

If you have a particular idea or project in mind where you feel that aerial imagery could add some value to your vision, then please get in touch.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with a quotation.

Other Services

  • Nature and Tourism photography
  • Promotional videos for venues and facilities
  • Events / marketing
  • Schools and Councils
  • Land Estate and Management
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Sports Events and Training

Drones can be used in many different ways across a variety of sporting events and training sessions.

We can use aerial videography to shoot slower paced action such as rock climbing, to faster paced action from football to motocross, or we can simply take aerial photographs.

Drones are increasingly being used in sports training, particularly in football, whereby 'birds eye view' video footage can be captured of set piece training sessions and positional play, for post training analysis. 



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