Located outside of Manchester and at the edge of the Peak District.

Zephyr Drone Services utilise drones to shoot affordable, high quality Aerial Video and Photography for private and commercial customers.

What we do

Whatever your reason for commissioning aerial video and photography, the use of drones allows for a completely different viewing experience. We can capture high resolution aerial videography in 4K, and 20 MP photographs, providing you with stunning and exciting images from angles and heights from ground level all the way up to 400 feet (121m).

The use of Drones can be applied across a variety of sectors, making them perfect for any type of project from still photography and aerial videos to aerial inspections and aerial surveillance. We can capture a real-time view from above and with ‘First Person View’ on our screen, you can see everything you wish.

Drones can be launched quickly, and due to their size can reach and safely access more areas when compared with alternative methods. In addition they are far more cost effective, saving you money on equipment and labour whilst also being environmentally friendly.

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Our Accreditations

Drone safety register gold approved
Drone safety register
Drone safety register
Drone safety register