Flight Safety

Safety is of paramount importance.  For every operation we carry out we follow strict procedures as laid down within our operations manual, which has been approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

  • We will complete an online pre-flight survey, and on arrival at the location a comprehensive risk assessment will be completed and checked to ensure each flight can be completed safely and legally

  • We are restricted by law as to how high and how far we can fly. We cannot fly above 400ft from ground level

  • We can fly out to a range of 500 metres from the remote pilot so long as Visual Line of Sight of the drone can be maintained at all times

  • We are not permitted to fly within 50 metres from persons, structures or vessels not under the control of the remote pilot in charge except during take-off and landing where this may be reduced to 30 metres

  • We are not permitted to fly over or within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than 1,000 persons

  • If the flight is in controlled airspace or in busy areas we will contact the local Air Traffic Control and Police to inform them of our flying activity

  • We cannot fly in the rain, or where wind speed exceeds 10 metres per second. We will check the weather forecasts in the days leading up to any shoot and on the day to make sure that the conditions are safe to launch the drone. The pilot will have the final say as to whether it can be deemed safe to launch the drone or not

  • We will require permission from the landowner to launch and land the drone on their land

  • On site we will cordon off areas where necessary, clearly mark ‘Take-off and Landing Sites’ and deploy safety personnel where needed to ensure members of public do not come within 30 metres of TOLS

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Drone safety register
Drone safety register
Drone safety register